What is EBB?

We’re a worldwide Handling Stations network providing LOCAL handling and LOCAL logistics at PORTS/AIRPORTS and ICD.

When EBB was founded?

EBB was born 2003 out of our CEO’s 42 years experience in Shipping & Logistics/p>

What is today’s EBB coverage?

We are a global network of more than 150 stations and agencies at your disposal.

Which are the EBB family divisions?

EBB Transport Solutions Ltd. & EBB Alliance Ltd.

What is EBB Product?

We developed a group of High Level Handling Agencies serving forwarders not having proper agents at POD, allowing them to serve their clients globally, minimizing the relevant risks and guaranteeing a satisfied shipper and a satisfied consignee.

What services is EBB Transport Solutions offering?

  • Receiving & Loading handling agency services
  • RISK MANAGEMENT & Claims assistance
  • Receiving & Loading local logistics services
  • Legal advisors on consultancy services
  • ERP dedicated solutions

What is EBB Alliance?

EBB Alliance LTD is the marketing and promotion company of the EBB Transport Solutions Group.

What is EBB Alliance Product?

EBB Alliance develops the EBB MEMBERS, bringing more and more forwarders as part of EBB network users “club” taking advantage of the EBB Stations network.

What is EBB alliance offering?

  • Full range of services to EBB franchisees and members
  • Assisting members in communicating with EBB stations worldwide for their daily work
  • Receipt of any inquiry about EBB network system
  • Informing the EBB Stations about the members needs and requirements allowing the EBB Stations to improve their services
  • Following up daily the level of the services provided by EBB TS network
  • Ensuring to the members high level handling services and covering the financial risk (Collect shipments)

Guarantee of EBB services:

  • 25 days "Collect" money refund per collect freight invoice
  • Error and omission coverage for local handling and logistics up to USD30K