SPECIAL OFFER in cooperation with our insurance:

Join the EBB family, becoming EBB MEMBERS for a trial period for ONLY 500 USD and enjoy the exclusive advantages of the EBB MEMBERS and the services of the worldwide EBB STATIONS NETWORK covered by the EBB payment insurance (USD 30.000 per invoice) and the Errors & Omissions coverage of the stations services.

The trial period will be for the whole year 2017 for a limited number of 300 members Worldwide, applying till DECEMBER 31st, 2016.

During this period the EBB Trial members will enjoy the EBB STATIONS NETWORK services for only USD 350 registration fee + UAD 500 ANNUAL FEE (normal annual member fee is EURO 1000), getting the possibility to expand their business worldwide under the SECURITY of the high standard services of the EBB STATIONS.

Visit www.ebb-net.com to learn more!

The GLOBAL EBB Stations network is serving today 58 VIP clients (Global Groups) with more than 400 branches worldwide as well as more than 2000 EBB members Worldwide.

Join the EBB Alliance for free and develop your business under the EBB SECURED platform.

  • EBB Uniform High level handling and logistics services!
  • EBB Invoice Insurance guarantees payments latest 25 days after release for amounts up to USD 10.000 per invoice - max.50.000 per year (not applicable for FREE members).
  • EBB e-pay system for prompt transfers of small or bigger amounts without banking cost.
  • EBB ERP/SOFWARE offering Tracking & Tracing
  • EBB e-mail servers for better ON LINE COMMUNICATION
  • 2 X EBB global meetings per year ( Spring and Autumn )

You only have to ask for the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM , fill it up

and send it to : nikos@ebb-net.com of our EBB COORDINATION & BACKUP CENTER

and become an EBB Trial Member FOR 2017 !