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2008 EBB South Asia stations open meeting

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2009 EBB & CGML annual meeting

President: Mr Menos Moschoutis on stage

EBB 3rd annual meeting Xiamen

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Guangzhou meeting Jun 09

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EBB China meeting Shantou July 08

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EBB China meeting Shenzhen APR 2008

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EBB China meeting Xiamen

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2008 EBB Meeting Athens

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2009 XIFFA Annual meeting Sponsor

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*Dear EBB Friends, we are creating a new website to let you surfing easier and more flexible!

Dear All,


GLHS (Groupage Local Handling Services)
A division of EBB Transport Solutions – T.H.A.T.Int’l Ltd

We are glad to inform You, that EBB / T.H.A.T. created a separate LCL/LTL/AF local handling division
with offices at more than 150 locations ( Ports/Airports and inland cities ) worldwide.
Those offices are dedicated to offer high level local services
(EX WORKS to CFS, export CFS handling, stuffing into BUYERS- or NOMINATIONS consolidated containers,
FOB handling, import CFS handling, Cargo releasing, Door deliveries) for LCL/LTL/AF shipments.

GLHS offers full range of local services for your Groupage orders starting by contacting Shippers
providing to overseas booking party daily detailed bookings status UPDATES supported by a high qualified team
of experts in every office as well as best existing subcontractors for every step guarantying best service and cost,
allowing you to cover your clients’ needs on individual basis at best price for.

Especially GLHS/EBB CHINA is 100% organized since 2008 to offer this kind of services covering ALL China
on EXPORT and IMPORT LCL / AIR FREIGHT and RAIL CONSOLIDATION becoming the number one
neutral provider in terms of services, solutions and rates.

CHINA LCL IMPORT SERVICE : We would like to share with you our CHINA LCL import service as follow.
If interested pls address any booking to bookings@eml-net.com .
We provide following services: CHINA LCL import services and schedule:
1.CZ/Prague- CN/Shanghai weekly TT about 27days by Sea;
2.DE/Duisburg- CN/Chongqing weekly TT about 20days by Rail;
3.SG/Singapore- CN/Yantian weekly TT about 4 days by Sea;
4.Worldwide (187 ports) - Singapore- China weekly by Sea;

For offers and or clarifications please contact coordination.center@eml-net.com

Glad serving You 7/24

GLHS/EBB is a local handling and local logistics service provider basically operating on our clients’/principals’ instructions,
but we are also in a position to offer excellent THROUGH solutions through our knowledge and experience
for the last 37 years on this field, serving the shipping and forwarding industry since 1980.

contact: glhs.customerservice@ebb-net.com ONE WINDOW WORLD WIDE.
We’ll be glad serving you on your on SPOT requests or on long term agreement(s).

The GLHS(EBB) Customer Service Team

e-mail: glhs.customerservice@ebb-net.com

Why E.B.B.?

E.B.B. offering dedicated Handling Services & Local Logistics Services to more than 2800 FORWARDERS, NVOCC, DIRECT PROJECT CLIENTS since 2003 by the EBB Stations Global Network.
E.B.B. was founded out of the problem most (if not all) of the forwarders and traders worldwide are facing the moment they are confronted with a client’s request asking for a transportation into some "very special" countries in the region of the EASTMED, the BALKANS and the BLACK SEA, where they did not have an agent they may trust.
After some years, our client’s wishes were forcing us to further develop a global coverage. (even OUR CORE BIZ is still DEDICATED HANDLING & LOCAL LOGISTICS services at Ports/ICD and Airports in the EAST MED, BALKANS and BLACK SEA region.)

Who is EBB?

E.B.B. Transport Solutions Ltd was founded in the year 2003 in Nicosia Cyprus and EBB ALLIANCE Ltd is a Hong Kong registered company founded in the year 2008 in Hong Kong.
2016 EBB moved with HQ in ATHENS / GREECE (back to the heart of EASTMED, BALKANS and BLACK SEA region)
and in the offices of the Holding Co. T.H.A.T. Int'l Enterprises Ltd. and the E.B.B.’s structure operates based on two main Coordination offices in:

a) EBB OVERSEAS /Athens / Greece for the whole World except South East Asia since 2003 and
b) EBB SOUTH EAST ASIA /Shantou/China for South East Asia (including China) since the first quarter of 2008 .
Those are coordinating the E.B.B. Stations/Members Network, offering the EBB Handling services at all main ports and logistics terminals worldwide to thousands of EBB Members ( The users of the Stations) and the INTERACTIVE INTRAEBB business between the EBB Stations/Members.

EBB is serving the last 14 years the Shipping, Forwarding and Logistics Industry and developed quick worldwide .

Join EBB and secure your BIZ Interest offering your clients best local handing & logistics solutions at EVERY port WORLDWIDE :
a) The EBB Stations (which are handling agents offering to the EBB members handling services and local logistics services at their PORTS or AIRPORTS or ICD. The EBB Stations list was published so that members to trace and
b) The EBB Members = the users of the EBB STATIONS SERVICES.The data of the EBB members were not published in order to avoid them to be contacted and bothered by the EBB Stations with unneeded promotions.

Further to above the EBB Stations are INTERACTIVELLY, developing business between them.


Offer your services to the Groups members acting as HANDLING AGENTS ( Stations) and INTERACTIVE FORWARDERS ( members ) covered by the EBB insurance on


2) Invoice Payment Guaranty for 10.000 USD per invoice (Max. 50.000 USD per year).

All applications will be rechecked by the EBB Insurers and as soon as approved to be part of the EBB Policy you’ll get the relevant EBB STATION/MEMBER ID and could operate then with immediate effect under the SECURE EBB UMBRELLA.


ALL MEMBERS get an EBB e-pay sub account to be used by all members/stations (operated by themselves using the EBB e-pay WEB ENGINE) to transfer amounts within the group and receive payments from other STATIONS/MEMBERS on,
allowing easy transfer saving banking expenses - very important factor considering the low profit margins of today - and minimize transferring speeds.

For Membership applications and Meeting attendance please contact the EBB OVERSEAS CEO ( Network Coordinator ), Mr Nikos Moschoutis : nikos@ebb-net.com.

We are proud for serving the industry for the last 14 YEARS




Lets meet and develop together.


ONE DAY meeting on JUNE 9th & 10th 2018 at SOFITEL ATHENS AIRPORT.

The Group’s BOD will stay there also over JUNE 10th at the disposal of attending partners
wishing an additional ONE 2 ONE with us.

Meeting fee:
- First attendee: EURO 800, including, one day meeting, lunch and coffee brakes -
Second attendee same Company: EURO 650
NOT INCLUDING Hotel accommodation/ Room
Groups Agents/Stations 12% discount
2nd person of same company 20% discount

LAST DAY for applying APRIL 15th… late birds + EURO 80

New comers and Parties interested to join the Group will get meeting appointments with our BOD
for dedicated discussions on JUNE 10th.

We are kindly asking also your understanding for “pushing” you all to book your attendance
with Nikos till APRIL 15th allowing smooth coordination. ( management@eml-net.com or nikos@ebb-net.com )

Menos Moschoutis
EBB Group of Companies, a division of:
The T.H.A.T. Int'l Enterprises Ltd Group